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Chemotherapy induced Fatigue and oncology care Toronto Ontario

Posted Aug 9th, 2018 in Tips, Naturopathic Medicine, News

Chemotherapy induced Fatigue  and oncology care Toronto Ontario

Is Fatigue or Tiredness is a real problem in Oncology?

Chemotherapy-induced Fatigue is a very common problem and oncology supportive care is paramount in this regard. Many cancer treatment centres in Canda offer oncology care mainly in Toronto and Ontario. Oncology care such as giving intravenously Dexamethasone or Benadryl and sometimes given orally as well after chemotherapy can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea and vomiting. However, fatigue or tiredness is still a big problem that many cancer patients encounter with no clear solution from the medical oncology side. There are many oncology centres that help patients with cancer giving chemotherapy and targeted agents in Ontario and Toronto such as the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and the Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre and the Humber River Hospital Oncology Clinic.

What is the solution for fatigue or tiredness caused by chemotherapy?

From the medical oncology side, the only solution to manage fatigue related to chemotherapy is to give some vitamins and just to wait some time until these symptoms disappear. So many patients wonder whether they can do better if they receive more chemotherapy cycles on the assumption that their bodies used to the side effects of chemotherapy or biologics, however, unfortunately, the side effects of chemotherapy such as fatigue become progressively worse with more cycles of chemotherapy as the body reserves of nutrition and immunity are depleted and need more support than when they start chemotherapy . From the naturopathic side, there is actually a solution that I have started with my cancer patients that worked for them to a high extent with a fair amount of success. This is implemented with a program I call it ( Oncology Recovery Program) which is based on many factors such as how much energy loss  the patient has, how much nutrients are needed for this patient, can he/she take oral nutrition or an intravenous nutrition, his/her blood work and major body organ functions (such as liver and kidney function tests). An example of the success of this approach is the maintenance of the immunity and avoidance of the drop in immune cells during chemotherapy that is clearly observed as an advantage of the recovery program in addition to the improvement of the energy level and treating/ preventing fatigue in oncology patients. The most important point of this Oncology Recovery Program is that there is no negative interaction between this program and the chemotherapy or targeted agents or radiation therapy, so it can be given safely.

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