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New Research on Prostate Cancer Radiation

Posted Jun 21st, 2020 in Tips, Naturopathic Medicine, News

New Research on Prostate Cancer Radiation

Canadian Data

This article explores New Research on Prostate Cancer Radiation.

 According to The Canadian Cancer Society, there are 63 men diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and 11 men die from the same disease every day (Last updated June 2020) https://www.prostatecancer.ca/prostate-cancer/about-prostate-cancer/statistics 

The average age of diagnosis is 66 years, and it rarely affects people younger than 40 years old. More than 90% of patients present at a relatively early stage (localized to the prostate / locoregional lymph nodes). Early detection of Prostate Cancer can improve the Survival Rate and the Response to Treatment of this disease.  

Radiation Therapy is an integral part of treatment for Prostate Cancer whether as a primary treatment or salvage treatment for relapse after prostatectomy. So, assuring the best quality of Radiation Therapy is of paramount significance of treating Prostate Cancer.

The current research was published on The International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology and Physics June 2020 studying the impact of the high-quality delivery of image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) for 48 patients with prostate cancer giving 36.25 Gy in 5 fractions (Hypofractionated Radiation) with Kilovoltage Intrafraction Monitoring (KIM) and compared this patient’s group with others not using the KIM for the radiation delivery. The primary endpoint was the effect of the Real-Time IGRT on Radiation Dose distribution and the Secondary outcomes were patient’s reported outcomes and radiation toxicity.

The study showed that the use of KIM technology improved the accuracy of treatment delivery with very minimal motion correction as compared to the other group of patients who received the IGRT without the KIM technology. The secondary endpoints revealed no difference in the patient’s outcomes or radiation toxicity between the two groups.


So, in conclusion, improving the technology of Radiation Therapy delivery using this new technique assures better Radiation Dose distribution and this may improve the treatment response.

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