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Breast Cancer, Ovarian and Uterine Cancers and Mistletoe Natural Extract

Posted Nov 21st, 2021 in Naturopathic Medicine, News, Tips

Breast Cancer represents one of the most common cancers that affect women in Canada and all over the world. Together, Breast, Ovarian and Uterine Cancers represent the most common cancer-related mortalities in women. This article discusses a research article about Breast Cancer, Ovarian and Uterine Cancers, and Mistletoe Natural Extract.


The Standard Oncology treatment for Breast, Ovarian, and Endometrial Cancers is Surgery, Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy, Hormonal treatments, and Immune Therapies. The introduction of Natural and Herbal therapies in the treatment of cancers dated for many decades.  According to the most recent research in this area, almost 40%-80% of patients with these cancers use one or more forms of herbal or Non-Conventional Therapies.

Mistletoe Extracts are natural products from the Northern European Mistletoe Tree. There are many ingredients from the Mistletoe Extract that show anti-cancer properties such as Mistletoe Lectins (ML I,II ad III). These Mistletoe Lectins have 2 main types of MLB and MTLA. MLB works by adherence to the carbohydrates of the tumor cell membranes and the MLA works by binding to the cellular RNA and DNA molecules and so changing the cell division status and can result in apoptosis or programmed cell death.

The research on the Breast Cancer, Ovarian and Uterine Cancers and Mistletoe Natural Extract was published in the Journal of the Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research in 2009 by Kienle et al file:///C:/Users/cance/Downloads/1756-9966-28-79.pdf 

In conclusion, this research showed that the Mistletoe Extract has positive effects on the quality of life of patients with Breast Cancer, Ovarian and Uterine Cancers with marked reduction of the toxicities and the side effects of Chemotherapies and Radiation, however, the effects of the Mistletoe Extracts on the survival and disease control of cancer patients was not significantly observed and this needs more research on this area.

For more information about this research, refer to the link above or click on that link file:///C:/Users/cance/Downloads/1756-9966-28-79.pdf 


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