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Colon Cancer Symptoms

Posted Apr 17th, 2018 in Naturopathic Medicine, News, Tips

Colon Cancer Symptoms

What are the symptoms that usually occur with colon cancer?

If you suffer from abnormal bowel motion ( diarrhea/ constipation or alternating loose stools and constipation) for a long time without any clear reasons, unexplained fatigue/weakness, bleeding per rectum or excess mucous or blood in the stools, or unexplained weight loss you have to contact your doctor for further investigations to check if you have colon cancer or not.

If I have any of these symptoms, does this mean that I have colon cancer?

Of course not. These symptoms are only a sign that you may have a colon cancer but are not confirming the diagnosis

How can a person confirm his/her diagnosis of having colon cancer?

Consulting your medical doctor is the first step to do for that. If your doctor suspects colon cancer diagnosis, he/she will send you to the gastroenterologist to do a colonoscopy ( a tube that goes inside your colon to see if you have a tumor or not and to take a biopsy (tissue sample) from a tumor to diagnose if this is cancer or not).

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