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Grimsby Naturopathic Doctor

Welcome to our Naturopathic Wellness Clinic

We provide patient-focused, naturopathic health care solutions for individuals and families. We have clinic's located in Toronto, and Grimbsy, Ontario.  

Naturopathic Medicine - Niagara, Grimsby, Hamilton

About Our Clinic

At Ontario Naturopathic Clinic, we combine the wisdom of centuries-old medical traditions with the latest evidence-based medical research to provide our patients with a truly holistic, unique and effective approach to healthcare. 

Our naturopathic doctor, Dr. Ehab, is board certified from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) as well as brings more than 20 years of experience in cancer care and treatment from being an oncologist (MD), and professor of clinical oncology at Cairo University, Egypt.

Naturopathic Medicine

It is the use of natural interventions in managing illness. This includes using herbal supplements, vitamins, acupuncture, physical manipulation, bioidentical hormone therapy and nutritional care. It can serve both the curative aspect of disease management and the prevention role as well. Naturopathic medicine can be a sole treatment for many disorders such as stress disorders, prediabetes, early stages of diabetes, and hypertension. It can help and support conventional medical treatments in many conditions such as bronchial asthma and cancer care. The harmonious use of different naturopathic treatment modalities (such as acupuncture, nutritional care, herbal supplements etc) can be achieved under the guidance of a licenced naturopathic doctor.


It is the use of acupuncture needles to reduce pain in painful conditions such as arthritis, muscle cramps and joint sprains. It can be used to balance the energy pathways in the body, called sometimes the meridians, and this helps in treating many disorders such as stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, and reflux disease. Sometimes, electrical stimulation can be added to the acupuncture needles to strengthen its effects such as when joint or muscle pains are treated. Acupuncture has gained a great popularity in treating many disorders such as infertility, diabetes mellitus and peripheral neuropathy. The use of acupuncture needs a lot of clinical experience by the licensed naturopathic doctor.

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Nutritional Counselling

Nutritional counselling can not only help achieve optimum health, but can also prevent and treat a variety of health conditions. 

Nutritional counselling can help with skin disorders such as childhood or adult eczema, psoriasis, weight management, lowering cholesterol, controlling diabetes, heart health, digestive issues such as constipation, colic, Irritable bowel syndrome, and severe psychiatric diseases among various others diseases.

Cancer Care

Naturopathic treatments have proven to aid in the treatment and management of cancer and cancer-related illnesses. 

Our Naturopathic Doctor has practised Clinical Oncology, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Hormonal Therapy and Palliative Care for Cancer patients for over 20 years at Cairo University, Egypt. We encourage you to book a free consultation to learn more about how we can assist with your cancer care treatments.

Glutathione Inhalation

Glutathione is a natural antioxidant that has the function of fighting against oxidative stress. It is a normally secreted substance by the human liver, and its main role as an antioxidant is to neutralize the effects of toxins or foreign molecules introduced into our bodies. With repeated exposure to stress, pollution and toxins, the body consumes a lot of glutathione to get rid of these toxins so it gets depleted. Replacement of lost or depleted glutathione can enhance the body's ability to fight pollution and toxins. One of the very prominent examples of body's exposure to pollutants and foreign substances is lung allergies or what is called bronchial asthma. Glutathione inhalation can improve the function of lung alveoli, improve lung function and reduce inflammation for patients with asthma. Glutathione inhalation is not only useful for asthma but many other inflammatory lung conditions such as chronic bronchitis, smoking-induced lung injuries, and early stages of emphysema or COPD.

Bio-identical Hormones

These are plant-derived products that mimic in structure the body hormones such as the estrogen, progesterone, and thyroid hormones. They can do exactly the same function as the synthetic hormones with the advantage of having less toxicity and complications. For example, the desiccated thyroid hormone is not a synthetic but a naturally available thyroid extract that helps in the management of several thyroid disorders such as Hashimoto's disease and hyperthyroidism. Moreover, bio-identical estrogen and progesterone hormones can be used in a variety of women health such as postmenopausal syndrome (hot flushes, flashes, vaginal dryness and anxiety and sleep disorders), premenstrual syndrome and irregular uterine or vaginal bleeding.

Vitamin B12 Injections

Vitamin B12 is a very important vitamin for many physiological processes of the body such as the formation of red blood cells, and nerve function. Vitamin B12 deficiency usually happens to vegans, or people with chronic gastritis, and alcoholics. If vitamin B12 is deficient it may result in anaemia ( called megaloblastic anaemia), and possibly loss of balance due to injury to the posterior tracts of the spinal cord, and may be peripheral neuropathy. Correction of vitamin C deficiency can be easily done via a weekly intramuscular injection of vitamin B 12.

Pain Management

One of the effective modalities in pain management is the use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF). It is based on a low-frequency, low-intensity electromagnetic radiation that is used for pain management and inflammation. It acts by stimulating the blood flow to the area reducing inflammation and oedema. There are no risk hazards associated with its use as its frequencies lie within the safe human use and are approved by Health Canada.

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Common conditions treated by Naturopathic Medicine

  • Endocrine:
    Diabetes, hypoglycemia, thyroid disorders
  • Gastrointestinal:
    Acid reflux/GERD, IBS, indigestion, inflammatory bowel disease, constipation and abdominal pains 
  • Heart Disease:
    Hypertension, high cholesterol, heart failure, atherosclerosis
  • Immune and Inflammatory Conditions:
    Allergies, ear infections, eczema, asthma, urticaria and food sensitivities 
  • Mental Health:
    ADHD, anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia (sleep disorders), drug and alcohol intoxication, brain fogging and lack of focus, school achievement problems, memory problems and Alzheimer dementia
  • Musculoskeletal:
    Arthritis, low back pain, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, headaches, rheumatic diseases, neck pain, shoulder pain 
  • Neurological:
    Insomnia, migraines, neuropathy (diabetic foot), multiple sclerosis, seizures, autism 
  • Urological:
    Chronic or frequent infections, prostate conditions, interstitial cystitis 
  • Women’s Health:
    Yeast infections, infertility, PMS, menopausal symptoms, incontinence
  • Cancer Care:
    Supporting the immune system, fighting cancer, reducing the side effects and toxicities of concurrent chemotherapy and radiation, helping other anti-cancer therapies such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and biologic agents

Treatment Fees

Naturopathic health care is currently not covered by OHIP, however most private and extended insurance plans provide coverage. Our standard fees for treatment are:

  • 20 Minute Consultation: FREE 
  • Initial Visit: $150 (approx 1 hour)
  • Follow Up Visits: $70 (approx 30 minutes)
  • Acupuncture Treatment: $50 (approx 30 minutes)

Did you know...

Naturopathic health care is covered by most most private insurance and extended health care plans in Ontario. Book a  consultation today.

Our Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Ehab | Naturopathic Doctor serving Niagara, Grimsby, Hamilton

Meet Dr Ehab

Dr Ehab Mohammed ND is a licensed, board-certified Naturopathic Doctor and teaching assistant at The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine   CCNM in Ontario, Canada (ccnm.edu), former professor of clinical oncology in medical schools in the Middle East. 

Dr Ehab realizes the huge impact of body-mind support during conventional medical treatment of different types of diseases, especially cancer which is what motivated his decision to study Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto.

Naturopathic Medicine in Canada

Oncology, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, palliative care and Hormonal Therapy

Dr Ehab has practised Clinical Oncology, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Hormonal Therapy and Palliative Care for Cancer patients for over 20 years in the Middle East.
During his academic career as a lecturer then as a professor of Oncology at Cairo University, Dr Ehab has published 36 scientific research articles in recognized medical journals. Dr Ehab has visited many cancer centres in Canada including the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal to gain more experience in the Canadian health care system and oncology practice.

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