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Lung cancer and immunity

Posted Jul 2nd, 2018 in Naturopathic Medicine, News, Tips

Lung cancer and immunity

Canada and Ontario figures, the situation in Hamilton, Stoney Creek and Windsor 

Almost 28,600 Canadians were diagnosed with lung cancer in 2017. Which represents 14% of all new cancer cases in Canada this year.  Exposure to environmental pollution can be a great factor in the incidence of lung cancer. Taking into consideration the industrial areas in Ontario such as Hamilton, Stoney Creek, and Windsor, a special screening program such be instated in these regions such as doing low energy CT scans for higher risk populations such as those who are current smokers, or have been smoking for more than 15 years even in the past. 

How does immune system support help lung cancer patients?

In addition to the standard oncology care for lung cancer patients such as chemotherapy, radiation, and targeted agents (monoclonal antibodies and tyrosine kinase inhibitors), immune system support can be very crucial in fighting lung cancer not only after the end of conventional oncology care but also during the active treatment stage. Lung cancer care and immunity are very intertwined means of treatment.

The question then, is how to improve the immune system in lung cancer cases.

There are many ways we can improve the immune system for lung cancer patients. Supplementing the body with a huge amount of amino acids, the basic building blocks of the immune system tools such as antibodies and immunoglobulins can be fundamental in this regard. High-dose intravenous vitamin C is another way to support the immune system. Avoidance of reactive oxygen species (ROS) which attack the immune system can be very helpful in supporting the immune system.

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