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Bladder Cancer in Toronto

Posted Jul 27th, 2018 in Naturopathic Medicine, News, Tips

Bladder Cancer in Toronto

The extent of the problem

According to the Bladder Cancer Canada website: https://bladdercancercanada.org/en/bladder-cancer-facts/    Bladder Cancer represents the 5th common type of cancer in Canada. It is the most expensive type of cancer to treat. The recurrence rate in muscle-invasive bladder cancer is 60%-70%. In Canada right now, 80,000 patients are living with or surviving bladder cancer and  9,000 new patients will be diagnosed with Bladder Cancer in Canada this year.


The most common cause is smoking.

Signs and symptoms

 Blood in urine, frequency or burning in micturition.


Oncologists treat bladder cancer with surgery (Cystectomy) or Bladder removal. Chemotherapy and targeted agents or tyrosine kinase inhibitors are left for advanced bulky lesions or metastatic disease

Role of Naturopathic Medicine

Supportive care during chemotherapy to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and using Non-synthetic or natural therapies and immune therapies against bladder cancer.

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