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Sleep Disorders Ontario Hamilton

Posted Aug 16th, 2018 in Acupuncture, Tips, Naturopathic Medicine, News

Sleep Disorders Ontario Hamilton

What is meant by sleep disorders?

They are groups of disorders related to the sleep process. They can be either difficulty starting sleep, inability to continue on a deep comfortable sleep, awakening very early in the midnight or a combination of these. It is a well-known fact that as much as 40% of Ontarians have sleep disorders at one point of their lives. According to Dr Frank Ryan, a sleep consultant at the UBC many reasons are responsible for the sleep disorders such as stress from social, work and family responsibilities, Long working days, irregular work shifts such as late or over the night shifts, morbid obesity and sleep apnea. Many areas in Ontario such as Toronto and Hamilton show high figures for these sleep disorders. 

Why are sleep disorders serious?

According to the Web Md website, https://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/features/10-results-sleep-loss  Sleep disorders can lead to

· Accidents: Several examples in the history prove the fact that sleeplessness can result in serious and life-threatening accidents such as the Nuclear Accident at the Three Mile Island in 1979, and the Nuclear Meltdown in Chernobyl in 1986. Furthermore, fatigue caused by sleep deprivation can result in 100,000 Auto crashes and 1550 crashes related deaths per year in the United States.

·         Health Concerns: Bad sleep can result in many diseases such as Heart Disease, Hypertension, Stroke, Diabetes, and depression.

·         Lower Sex Drive: Both Men and Women who don’t sleep well, develop poor Sexual Drive and Performance, Many factors lead to the Sexual Difficulties from Poor sleep such as low energy, low mood, and increased tension. 

How can we treat Sleep Disorders?

Recognising the root cause of the sleep disorder problems is the mainstay of treating these disorders. Giving sleeping pills is the least effective means to control sleep disorders as it just induces a state of suppression of the conscious and alertness without tackling the main reason(s) of the problem. So, what happens if you just take sleeping pills? Initially, it suppresses your energy and you can fall asleep, however, because it does not treat the cause of your sleep, its effects dwindle by time, and you feel you need more of the sleeping pills to give you the same effects, and you develop the side effects of these pills such as feeling tired and fatigued and unable to focus or concentrate .

The best solution to the sleep problem is to target the cause. So, if the reason is the stress and anxiety it makes sense to treat the anxiety. Anxiety is considered now the disease of the Century, due to the exposure to huge amounts of life stressors and challenges. Treatment of anxiety by naturopathic doctors is done by means that are all natural such as an acupuncture, herbal treatments, hydrotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapies. Things that are highly effective, and at the same time don’t have any major side effects or toxicities or dependency.

Did you try an acupuncture before to treat your sleep disorder?

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