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Corona Virus Situation in Ontario Canada Toronto and Hamilton

Posted Feb 17th, 2020 in Naturopathic Medicine, News, Tips

Corona Virus Situation in Ontario Canada Toronto and Hamilton

Recently this page received lots of questions asking about the coronavirus situation in Ontario Canada, Toronto, and Hamilton as major cities in Canada and I will answer these questions backed by scientific proof as well official statements from the Public Health Ontario webpage updated as of February 16, 2020, https://www.publichealthontario.ca/en/diseases-and-conditions/infectious-diseases/respiratory-diseases/novel-coronavirus 

The current situation in Ontario Canada (Including Toronto and Hamilton)

As of September 22nd, 2020, there are 129  reported new cases of COVID-19 in Toronto, overall 17,971 cases since the pandemic  16586 Confirmed cases, 15,526 recovered cases, 1178 cases passed away, and 40 cases currently hospitalized, in a critical situation.

Source City of Toronto Website https://www.toronto.ca/home/covid-19/covid-19-latest-city-of-toronto-news/covid-19-status-of-cases-in-toronto/  

In Hamilton,  the latest number is 73 new cases, 1094 total cases since the pandemic, 46 deaths, 975 resolved cases, and 151 hospitalized cases since the pandemic 

Source Hamilton.ca COVID-19 https://www.hamilton.ca/coronavirus/status-cases-in-hamilton  

What do we know about Corona Virus?

-          Coronavirus is transmitted by respiratory droplets which means that when the person coughs, sneezes, or uses fomites with others he/she can transmit the infection to them.

-          It is believed that fecal-oral transmission is possible for coronavirus ( which means hands contaminated with fecal matter can be a potential source of transmission of the virus). However, the main route of transmission of the coronavirus remains through the respiratory system (as mentioned before with respiratory droplets as with coughing or sneezing).

-          Can coronavirus spread via blood transfusion?  So far, there is no evidence that the coronavirus can spread by blood transfusion.

-          How long is the Incubation Period (Time from harboring the infection until signs and symptoms start to appear): in general, it ranges from 5 to 14 days. So, Health Authorities in Canada keep suspected cases of coronavirus under strict observation (quarantined) for at least two weeks before letting them go to the community.

-          How does coronavirus present clinically? According to the Mayo Clinic update (updated February 16, 2020) https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/coronavirus/symptoms-causes/syc-20479963?page=0&citems=10    The main signs and symptoms of Corona Virus are:

Fever, Cough, and Shortness of Breath or Difficulty Breathing. These symptoms and signs can be very mild, moderate or severe depending on the age of the patient (the older the patient the severer are the symptoms) and the immune system and general condition of the patient ( the poorer the immunity or the general condition the worse is the symptoms and the signs). That is why in severe immune suppression death can be a possible outcome.


-          Is there a coronavirus treatment? Up till now, there is NO known treatment for coronavirus,  and according to the WHO (World Health Organization) updated February 2020. The main line of treatment for the coronavirus is supportive medical care with no specific antiviral agent or therapy. https://www.who.int/publications-detail/clinical-management-of-severe-acute-respiratory-infection-when-novel-coronavirus-(not)-infection-is-suspected  

How to protect ourselves against the possible spread of the coronavirus?

There are general measures that help us minimize or reduce the rate of spread of the virus such as:

-          Follow Good respiratory Hygiene such as coughing or sneezing in the elbows, avoid coughing or sneezing directly to others or using the hands.

-          Follow proper hand hygiene by washing the hands with soap and warm/ hot water in these circumstances:

·         When hands are visibly dirty.

·         Before preparing and immediately after handling the food.

·         Before eating.

·         After the toilette.

·         After contact with contaminated surfaces (Garbage bins, contaminated cloths) .

·         After wiping or blowing one’s nose.

·         After contact with bodily fluids (such as vomitus and blood)

·         Before and after wound dressing.

·         Before inserting or removing contact lenses.



Should students stay home to avoid contacting Corona Virus in Ontario (Toronto Hamilton)

 So far, there is a recommendation from the Canadian Federal or Provincial  Health Authorities to keep children or adolescents at school part of the time ( range 2-4 days a week and in some provisional programs the child / student is given the choice to do a home study)     to limit the spread of the Corona Virus.

Should Canadians wear facemasks to avoid transmission of Coronavirus?

 According to the Ontario Chief of Health, and the Ontario Ministry of Health facemasks are now MANDATORY for any enclosed public spaces (such as school, universities, grocery stores, public transit) etc, a way to avoid spread of the virus and limit the surge in COVID19 cases especially with the increase in COVID19 cases beginning this fall on September 2020 

How Naturopathic Medicine Help?

During the pandemic many people in Canada and all over the world focused only on wearing the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as face Masks and face Shields and Kept Social distancing  as much as they can. This is great and this is the recommendation of the WHO (World Health Organization) and the Canadian Health Authorities. However, there is an important aspect that people always forget, which is supporting the immune system. Although there are no clinical data or research on the relationship between the Immune System and COVID19 viral infection, there is an established evidence supporting the importance of keeping an intact and functioning Immune System and protection against most viral infections such as Flu, Common Cold, and Influenza.   

Naturopathic Medicine professionals can help you improve your immune system by many ways such as supporting the essential elements in your body for maintaining the Immune System functioning such as amino acids and vitamins necessary to keep your immune system integrity. 

Personally, I was suffering from Flu every season until a few years ago when I realized that in order to avoid the Flu and All viral infections I have to work on my  immune system by supporting the building blocks of the immunity which actually paid off and now I am enjoying a 5 years Flu Free situation which many people look for. 

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