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Asthma and Lung Allergies Toronto Niagara and Hamilton situation

Posted Sep 2nd, 2020 in Acupuncture, Naturopathic Medicine, News, Tips

Asthma and Lung Allergies Toronto Niagara and Hamilton situation

What is Asthma?

Asthma is an allergic reaction of the lungs to certain triggers. These triggers can be environmental triggers such as dust, fumes, pollen, flower blossom, animal fur or dander, shampoos, detergents, perfumes, and different chemicals. These triggers are all related to an environmental exposure. According to the research done by Andrea et al and published in 2010 in the American Journal of Epidemiology, there was as high as 70% increase in asthma cases in the Province of Ontario during the period 1996-2005. During the same time, no similar increase in Ontario’s population was seen. These data indicate that the incidence is significant in some cities such as Hamilton and Niagara more than in Toronto. This article Asthma and Lung Allergies Toronto Niagara and Hamilton situation will discuss in detail how to avoid asthma and treat it using natural means as  recommended by Naturopathic Doctors


How do patients suffer if they have asthma?

Patients with Asthma have a persistent irritative and sometimes productive cough, shortness of breath, and sometimes wheezes when they breathe. The Asthma symptoms can be triggered if the person is exposed to the trigger(s) mentioned above such as vapors, fumes, or detergents. Sometimes, these symptoms are mild and do not require any visit to the doctor or the emergency department, just a few puffs of medications commonly prescribed for that such as Ventolin, or Symbicort, however, unfortunately, these attacks can be so severe that they need an urgent medical attention and a quick visit to the emergency department in the hospital for oxygen treatment, Epipen (Adrenaline injection) or steroid injections all are an essential and life-saving measures.

How to treat Asthma and lung Allergies Naturally

I receive lots of patients with Asthma and Lung Allergies very frequently and sometimes daily, they are all on puffers and steroids for a long time, which adds to the problem of being on steroids for a long time as these medications carry lots of side effects such as mouth dryness, fungal growth (thrush) in the mouth, tongue and lips, let alone the weakening of their effects and many people start to have some resistance to these puffers and they start taking more medications and prescriptions hopefully having another chance of response and cure. One dire effect of continual steroid inhalation is the development of pneumonia that can be so frequent and severe that this may end tragically with lung fibrosis and loss of lung function.

Natural treatment of lung Asthma or Allergies follows a completely different course, that is adopted in my clinic and used all the time with my patients, this is as follows: 

1-      First and most important is to define the exact triggers, identifying the triggers (such as the environmental triggers mentioned above) is essential for managing Asthma naturally, and although this seems simple measure, it may take a while to identify which trigger causes asthma as in many situations it is not as simple as environmental exposure, it may come from foods or drinks people eat or drink, so I usually spend a lot of time searching for the actual reason for Asthma problems and this may need doing some lab testing such as food sensitivity blood test or a skin allergy testing.

2-      Improve lung health: Knowing that the lungs of Asthmatics can harbor lots of inflammation and congestion, revitalization of the lungs and detoxification is an essential step in this regard. This can be achieved by the Natural Health Products and Supplements that can help in Lung Detoxification

Based on these 2 simple principles I have helped many people with lung allergies and Asthma and they enjoy healthier lungs after starting the Natural Path for healing the lungs


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