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Vitamin B12 and Memory /Cognitive Function a New Research

Posted Nov 22nd, 2020 in Acupuncture, Tips, Naturopathic Medicine, News

Vitamin B12 and Memory /Cognitive Function a New Research


Vitamin B12 (Methyl or Hydroxy cobalamin) is well known for centuries for its benefits for health, such as boosting the body energy, supporting the immune system, and helping the physical performance. However, recently, it was found that vitamin B12 can be effective in memory function and brain focus. This was revealed in a medical research published recently in the Cureus Medical Journal in Feb 2020,  by Jatoi et al https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7077099/pdf/cureus-0012-00000006976.pdf 

 They studied 202 patients with memory problems. Brain Fogginess, and mild cognitive impairment, they underwent vitamin B12 blood test. Their mental and cognitive functions were assessed by the Mini Mental State Examination and each one of them was given a score for his/her mental function then was given vitamin B12 replacement therapy if they need B12 supplementation as per their blood test results.

Results of the Research

As high as 171 Patients (84%) of the patients in this study showed marked symptomatic improvement of their memory and cognitive functions after their treatment with vitamin B12, so in conclusion vitamin B12 replacement is an effective tool to improving the memory and the mental and cognitive function for those who are deficient in B12 or have a low blood levels of this vitamin


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