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Inflammation and Lymphoma

Posted Nov 24th, 2020 in Tips, Naturopathic Medicine, News


For many decades, the Cancer Biologists and Naturopathic Doctors believed in the role of Inflammation in the origin and  spread of Cancer. Although the concept of Inflammation and cancer didn’t appeal the mainstream medical communities, a group of scientists and nutritionists looked actively into that issue and started a scientific research back in 2006.

Solans M et al (2020) have published this research, that involved 476,160 subjects who were normal persons with no history or current diagnosis of cancer. The researchers followed these people for the possibility of developing cancer in the future over an average period of 13.9 years. After these years of follow up (13.9 years), as many as 3136 of them developed Lymphoma and 395 developed other types of cancer. This research discovered an important relationship between Inflammation and Lymphoma as you will see in the coming paragraphs. 

The dietary habits  of all the persons included in this study were studied as well, and the inflammatory nature of the diet was assessed and a score was given to evaluate how much is the inflammation produced by different diets and this score was named the Inflammatory Score of the Diet or ISD .

After further analysis and research, the scientists found that, the Inflammatory Score of the Diet (or ISD) was very linked to the incidence of certain type of Lymphoma called Mature B-cell Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, in other words, people who consumed a highly inflammatory diet developed this type of Lymphoma in a significant way.

The Inflammatory diet is basically the diet that is rich in saturated fats (such as Ghee, Butter and Margarines), carbohydrates (such as  White potato, Bread, White Rice), Alcohol and Sugars (Simple Sugars and Sweetened foods such as Cakes and Donuts).

In conclusion: Eating highly inflammatory diets can contribute to the incidence of certain types of cancer, this is not an absolute statement as many other factors can contribute to cancer incidence such as the genetics and inheritance, environmental pollution, nutritional deficiency and certain lifestyle behaviors such as smoking and alcohol intake

For further information, and details about this research check this link https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30903361/ 


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