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High dose vitamin C and Acute Pancreatitis

Posted Apr 25th, 2021 in Tips, Naturopathic Medicine, News

Acute Pancreatitis is a serious medical emergency that happens due to many reasons such as alcoholism (both acute intoxication and chronic use) or viral  infections. The seriousness of the Acute Pancreatitis stems from the fact that the pancreas is a rich organ with highly digestive enzymes such as Peptidases and Lipases, when Acute Pancreatitis happens, there is a high possibility that these enzymes leak out of the pancreas and spread inside the peritoneal cavity with the subsequent result of peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneal membranes) and this can be life threatening.

The aim of this article is to discuss the role of the high dose vitamin C in the management and outcome of Acute Pancreatitis.


According to Chooklin et al ( 2020) a research  was published recently about the role of the high dose vitamin C and Acute Pancreatitis. In the Pancreatology Journal. In this research, 181 patients with Acute Pancreatitis were treated with high dose vitamin C alongside other nutrients and vitamin therapies and were compared to 47 patients treated only with nutrient and vitamin therapies without the high dose vitamin C.

At the end of the study, the group of patients who received the High Dose Vitamin C achieved better response with marked reduction of organ dysfunction, improved tissue perfusion and tissue oxygenation.



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