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Magnetic Filed effects on Radiation Therapy Treatment for Cancer

Posted Apr 26th, 2021 in Naturopathic Medicine, News, Tips

Radiation Therapy is an integral part of the Cancer Care and Oncology Practice. Radiation Therapy is used either after surgery for breast cancer, rectal cancer, or brain tumors to prevent recurrence after surgery this is called Adjuvant Radiation Therapy or is used to treat the cancer either before or without surgery such as in advanced Nasopharyngeal Cancer or locally advanced rectal cancers usually in combination with chemotherapy, and this is called Radical Radiation Therapy.  

Regardless of the different names/roles of radiation treatment, the goal of radiation therapy is to kill cancer cells to help tumor eradication. So, it is imperative to try different ways to optimize the effects of Radiation Therapy for tumor cell killing without affecting the safety of using these radiation therapies on normal tissues.

This article discusses New Research on Improving the Effects of Radiation Therapy on Killing Cancer Cells and this is about the use of the Magnetic Field effects on Radiation Therapy Treatment for Cancer.

This Recent Research will be published in the Advances in Radiation Oncology Journal in May 2021 by Iwamoto et al. In this Research, a low-dose Magnetic Field Radiation was used in combination with standard Radiation Therapy and the effects of Radiation Therapy in terms of producing the Ionizing Radiation that are essential for cell killing were studies was evaluated.

At the end of this research, it was found that the use of electromagnetic field Radiation Therapy improved significantly the Ionizing Radiation effects of Radiation Treatment for cancer.

Moreover, The effects of the Electromagnetic Field on improving the Radiation Therapy effects are not linked to the timeframe of delivery of Radiation Therapy which adds flexibility to the application of Electromagnetic Radiation for Cancer Patients Receiving Radiation Therapy.

For detailed information about this research check this link



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