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Fatigue and Low energy Problem and Solution

Posted May 4th, 2022 in Naturopathic Medicine, News, Tips

One of the most disturbing concerns for many people nowadays all over the world.is fatigue.

 Even young people and children do complain of fatigue or tiredness, and unfortunately, most of the time there is no clear reason for that, and people start to seek help from many avenues with no clue. This article will discuss this topic:  Fatigue and Low energy Problem and Solution


There are several reasons for fatigue, and they all differ for different people so for example if you are a night-shift worker and don’t have enough sleep at night, this can be the only reason for your fatigue, simply because you do not have enough time for deep and comfortable sleep. Many people even without night shifts, do have difficulty falling into, and or maintaining their sleep which can lead to fatigue in the end.

Other factors that can cause fatigue are digestive disorders with inadequate absorption and assimilation of nutrients and vitamins that are needed for making enough energy in the body and help balance your hormones and enzymes.

Many patients with Cancer do suffer from fatigue and this can be the main concern for patients with cancer even more than their original problem which is the cancer diagnosis. These patients have fatigue due to many factors such as the tumor itself (as most tumors secrete chemicals called Interleukins that can initiate the feeling of tiredness and fatigue or reduce the patient’s appetite to eat food which results in fatigue at the end of the day). https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3630796/ 


In the end, management of fatigue depends to a great extent on looking for the root cause(s) of the problem. Once these root causes are identified, then all reasons of fatigue can be addressed.


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