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Vitamin D Supplementation and Advanced Cancer Patients a New Research

Posted Jul 7th, 2022 in Naturopathic Medicine, News, Tips


Patients with advanced cancer have many health problems such as persistent pain, fatigue, frequent infections, and prolonged antibiotic use to manage these infections.

The main topic today is Vitamin D Supplementation and Advanced Cancer Patients a New Research.

In this research, a randomized study was conducted for patients with advanced cancers. These Patients with Advanced Cancers have vitamin D deficiency as confirmed by blood tests. They were divided into two groups, one group was given a daily dose of 4000 IU of vitamin D, and the other group was not given vitamin D both groups were observed for 12 weeks for the quality of life, pain, fatigue and the frequencies of infections and antibiotics use.

At the end of the study, it was found that the group of patients who received vitamin D had less pain and fewer doses and frequencies of painkillers. Also, the patients who received vitamin D had less fatigue and tiredness as compared to those who did not have vitamin D.

The two groups had similar quality of life and antibiotic use.

So, in conclusion, this Research showed that Vitamin D supplementation is beneficial for patients with advanced cancers who have vitamin D deficiency in terms of pain management and energy.

To have full information about this research, which was published by Frankling et al 2021 in Cancers Journal check this link https://www.mdpi.com/2072-6694/13/15/3707 

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