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Acupuncture and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Posted Sep 8th, 2022 in Acupuncture, Naturopathic Medicine, News, Tips

Acupuncture is a well-known treatment intervention that dates back thousands of years and started in China for pain treatment.  The idea of using needles in pain management is that it helps the release of certain chemicals from the body that helps pain relief called endorphins and encephalins. Additionally, acupuncture helps release serotonin from the brain which helps mood improvement and tension release. This article Acupuncture and Inflammatory Bowel Disease discusses the effect and the use of Acupuncture in inflammatory bowel diseases such as Chron’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases such as Chron’s Disease pose a real health challenge as it results in marked regression of the body energy, a great sense of fatigue, and frequent absences from work or school, also it results in many symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea (loose bowel motion) bleeding per rectum and marked digestive disturbances. The long-term consequences of Inflammatory Bowel Disease are dire such as bowel perforations, obstruction, and even bowel cancer.

The use of Acupuncture to relieve the symptoms and inflammation of Inflammatory Bowel Disease has been an area of scientific research. Recently, Song et al (2019), published a research article on the mechanism of action of Acupuncture in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. In this research, they found that Acupuncture increases the vagal tone (activity of the vagal nerve or 10th cranial nerve) that results in a marked amelioration of the inflammation of the gut which addresses the root cause of the problem and hence can result in marked symptom improvement.

In this research, a review of other research material about the same subject (the use of Acupuncture in Inflammatory Bowel Disease) is very encouraging and they recommended the initiation of more research in that area to obtain more solid information. use of Acupuncture.

To have more details on that research you can click on this link https://academic.oup.com/ibdjournal/article/25/7/1129/5238704?login=false 


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