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Lung Cancer and Green Tea Extract

Posted Aug 6th, 2023 in Naturopathic Medicine, News, Tips

The topic today  Lung Cancer and Green Tea Extract, will be about the Green Tea Extract (Epigallo Catechetin  Gallat or EGCG) and Lung Cancer Radiation Side effects.

For many decades, Green Tea Extract was known for its antioxidant and immune modulator effects. So, it has been used for many decades to support the overall cancer treatments of many cancers such as Ovarian Cancer and Breast Cancer based on the Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant properties. 

Based on the same concept of Anti-Oxidant properties, and also considering that Radiation Therapy works mainly by inducing oxidative damage to the cancer cells, which can impact normal cells as well, a group of scientists,  tried using this product (EGCG) for the protection of the normal tissues during the radiation therapy for lung cancer which is mainly protecting the Esophagus and minimizing the radiation-induced Esophagitis during and radiation therapy for Lung Cancer.

According to this research, a total of 83 patients with unresectable stage III Lung Cancer were studied, whereby some of them received the standard radiation and chemotherapy without the EGCG, while the others had the chemoradiation therapy with the EGCG.

During, and shortly after the radiation therapy course, the patients who had the EGCG Extract and the Chemoradiation therapy reported significantly less radiation toxicity and reactions as compared to those who did not receive the EGCG supplement.

S, it is recommended to do more research on the Active Green Tea Extract (EGCG) in more patients with Lung Cancer and radiation to test their protective effects against radiation therapy to normal lungs.

If you need more details on the study please follow this link: https://www.thegreenjournal.com/article/S0167-8140(19)30104-5/fulltext 


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